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Brain sculpture 2003
Brain Sculpture (2003)
Brain sculpture for Wells Park School
Wells Park is a residential school for 5 to 11 year olds with behavioural problems. The school is dedicated to learning so the idea of the project was to create a giant brain which contained the thoughts of all the children. The brain was made as a giant mobile from willow, foam and wire and was presented as if sliced into sections, revealing the different thoughts of the children.
Japanese mural section 1/3 2003
Japanese mural (section 1/3) (2003)

Mural Project
Working with a group of special needs students to create an 11 metre long mural with a theme, chosen by the students, of Japan. This was a one day project and required a great deal of effort from both the students and myself.

Peacock 2003
Peacock (2003)
Kew Gardens: From Kangaroos to Kingcups
Working with a team of artists and year 10 and 11 students from school to produce 5 animal sculptures to be sited in the grounds of Kew Gardens. The sculptures were made from steel and aluminium and copper embossed leaves representing not only the animals once resident in Kew's menagarie but also British biodiversity.
Racing demon 2002
Racing demon (2002)
Working with a large team of artists and year 10 students from Roding Valley school and 'A' level students from Epping Forest College. 6 cars were transformed along specific themes (a Wedding car, a Picnic car, two Racing Demons, the Angel car and the Skeleton car) and used for a site specific performance, which culminated in a grand, car-crushing, finale.

Worm (2001)
Waltham Abbey Community Day: Epping Forest Arts
Community Day is a themed annual event in Waltham Abbey involving all the local schools and culminating in a procession through the town. I worked with a class of year 8 students from King Harold school to make a giant puppet worm, whale, windman and dragon (the theme being the 4 elements) which led the procession.
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