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Destination Nucleus (2006)

Today we are surrounded by a world that consists of hyper space, virtual reality, cyborgs, genetic engineering, germ warfare, and advances in communication technology. These are developing at an alarming rate. Information is sent from computer to computer, phone to phone but we can not see it. What is in the air around us? What information could be passing through our bodies without us knowing?

Head to Toe (2005)

Radiation and mobile phones
I am interested in cause, effect and mutation and how we are causing mutations to happen to ourselves. Currently I am focusing on mobile phones, and the possible health implications they could cause the body.

Space link (2003)
Space Link (2003)

Mutation, bacteria and circuitry
This series of paintings is based on mutation, bacteria and electronic circuitry and the idea of combining internal man made workings with our own human biology.

Saliva, saliva and day 2 1999
Saliva,saliva and Day 2 (1999)

I am growing
This series of paintings originated from cultures grown from myself of everything I came into contact with over a specific period of time. They are suggestive of biological forms and internal landscapes.