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Oak leaf
Oak leaf (2003)
Oak leaf: Harlow Arts
A 10 x 20ft carved oak sculpture made in 2 weeks by myself, artist Rob Smith and a group of young offenders for Harlow Town Park.
Croc (2003)

Croc: Harlow Arts
The Crocodile is made from a 6 metre section of a felled oak tree. Made specifically for the adventure playground in Harlow Town Park. It is a functional sculpture as it provides seating. Made with a group of students from a Pupil Referal unit in Harlow who were taken through the whole design process from conception to completion.

Turtle (2003)
Turtle: Harlow Arts
The Turtle has a welded structure overlaid with wire mesh and concrete. It is finished with glass mosaic tiles. It is 2 x 1.6 x 0.8m and weighs 2 tonnes. Like the Crocodile sculpture it is again functional and was made by the same group of students. It is sited in the main park area.
Totum & screens (2003)

Totum poles: Occasio House (Assisted Housing development)
Part of a larger project to work with the residents to redesign their gardens. The Totum poles are made from reclaimed railway sleepers, each one is 6 ft tall. The poles are themed Friendship, Freedom and Creativity.

Also in the garden are 9 pattened screens, and a 50 metre long path comprising of sections of mosiac, tree rings and paintings made also by the residents.

This project took 5 months to complete between Feb and June 2003.

Wall piece
Wall piece (2002)
Wall Piece: Slacksbury Hatch (Harlow Arts)
The piece is an 11 metre long wall piece made from recycled furniture. The piece was created specifically for the Slacksbury Hatch Residential area by 40 students from the A Level Art course at Harlow College, 16 to 18 year olds involved with the Choices programme and a group of young offenders.
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